The Booster 2G is a patented solution for combined long-range vehicle and driver identification

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Product Description

The Booster 2G is a patented solution for combined long-range vehicle and driver identification. This in-vehicle transponder contains a vehicle identification number combined with identification of the driver’s personal identification card up to distances of 10 meters.

The Booster 2G ensures that a vehicle can never get access to a secured area unless occupied by an authorized driver. The Booster 2G is the perfect solution when both vehicles and drivers need to be closely monitored; in high secured areas and in situations where vehicles are used by different drivers. The Booster 2G enables automatic vehicle indentificaiton by the TRANSIT Ultimate and the TRANSIT Standard.


This automatic vehicle identification (AVI) solution is based on Nedap TRANSIT products. The TRANSIT Ultimate is an extremely robust long-range reader, based on semi active RFID technology (2.45 GHz band), which enables automatic vehicle identification up to distances of 10 m (33 ft) and speeds up to 200 km/h (125 mph).

Key features

The Booster is a unique, patented solution for AVI:

  • Maximizes perimeter security
  • Simultaneous vehicle and driver identification
  • Compact in-vehicle device
  • Reads and boosts (smart) card technologies:
    • up to 10 meters (33 feet)
    • up to 200 km/h (125 mph)
  • Supported credentials:
    • HID (prox and iCLASS) LEGIC advent
    • MIFARE DESFire, Calypso, EM, Nedap

Where applied

The Booster enables secure, fast and convenient vehicle access in high secured areas and in flexible vehicle and driver situations, such as:

  • Access to high secured sites
  • Taxi dispatch management
  • Fleet management (buses, trucks, service vehicles)
  • Warehouse rolling stock (forklifts, reach trucks, etc.)

The Booster is available for almost all card technologies:
Prox-Booster 2G: supports proximity access control badges operating on 120-125 kHz such as HID prox, EM and Nedap.
Smartcard-Booster 2G: supports ISO 14443 or 15693 compliant smartcards (eg. MIFARE, MIFARE DESFIRE, LEGIC, Calypso and HID iClass) operating on 13.56 MHz.
Smartcard-Booster 2G LEGIC: supports ISO 14443, 15693-3 or LEGIC RF compliant smartcards operating on 13.56 MHz.


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