AEOS Blue I/O interface AP7031

The AP7031 is an attractive peripheral for the AP7803

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Product Description

The AP7031 is an attractive peripheral for the AP7803. The competitively priced I/O
interface has been designed to provide an answer to the most varied integration
needs. The AP7031 is thus suited to many different applications.

Attractive peripheral for the AP7803
Designed for many different integrations
Provides 12 secured inputs and 6 outputs

Answer to different integration needs :
The AP7031 provides 12 inputs and 6 outputs that
can be freely defined. This means that the interface
is highly suited to many different applications.
Examples include monitoring contacts and
controlling lifts. In addition, the I/O interface has a
data interface for serial communication via RS232
or RS485 with third party solutions, such as
anti-burglary systems.
Monitoring and operating doors :
The AP7031 provides a cost-effective solution to
monitoring and operating doors without readers,
such as emergency doors. For example, it is
possible to control up to 6 doors remotely and to
monitor up to 12 doors.

Secure against short circuit and
sabotage :
The signals from the 12 inputs are constantly
checked. If unexpected changes occur, such as
attempts at sabotage or short circuits, an alarm
sounds immediately. In addition, the supply
voltages on the AP7031 are monitored constantly.


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