Surveillance Cameras for school buses – WhilteOwl

Surveillance Cameras for school buses – WhilteOwl

Surveillance Cameras for school buses

School Bus Safety Vision Solutions:

School buses security and children’s safety are central concerns for

WhilteOwl®, as much as they are for parents and school administrators

everywhere. The Bus operation including staff and students/passengers will

be enormously enhanced in sense of efficiency, discipline, safety & security.

Daily Video recording of in-bus operation will provide a great positive impact

on security/safety process performance, eliminating passengers/students

conflicts and allows the driver to focus on driving only.

The system facilitates precise live streaming video and clear vision day and

night that help avoiding malicious damage of assets & human injuries.

Increase safety/security; minimize the vulnerabilities and give the privilege of

powerful management supervisory.

Designed by topnotch experts in the automotive safety field and made of

Japanese and American components uses the latest technology especially

engineered to crystallize vision under harsh outdoor operations.

Fleet Visual Tracking VTS

Ÿ In-Bus Video Recording

Ÿ Web Based Centralized Management

Ÿ 3G – Live Video Streaming

Ÿ 5.8GHZ WiFi Enabled

Ÿ Automatic Video Download

Protect your:


Ÿ Students

Ÿ Staff

Ÿ Buses




Ÿ Passenger safety

Ÿ Student discipline

Ÿ Driver efciency

Ÿ Staff behavior

Ÿ Decision Making


Ÿ Accidents and Theft

Ÿ Damage costs

Ÿ Vandalism and destruction of school bus property

Ÿ False Legal Claim

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