SP55k Kiosk Card Printer

SP55k Kiosk Card Printer

Developed exclusively for integration into kiosks, the Datacard® SP55k kiosk card printer delivers an attractive combination of proven reliability, high-quality card printing and the ability to integrate smoothly with a variety of kiosk designs. To help kiosk integrators even more, it has low maintenance requirements and is very easy to use.

Choose from three flexible configurations.
Adapt card printing for multiple kiosk designs.
Launch new kiosk concepts more quickly.

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Print method
Direct-to-card dye sublimation / resin thermal transfer

Print resolution
300 dots per inch (11.8 dots/mm)
256 shades

Print speed:
Full color: Approximately 22-23 seconds per card (one-sided printing, YMCKT ribbon), approximately 30-32 seconds per card (two-sided printing, YMCKT-K ribbon) or approximately 35-36 seconds per card (two-sided printing, YMCKT-KT ribbon)

Monochrome: Approximately 6-8 seconds per card (one-sided printing, K ribbon) or approximately 15-17 seconds per card (two-sided printing

*Print speeds can vary depending on card design, encoding functions, performance and printer configuratio

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الوزن 4.5 kg
الأبعاد 51.18 x 21.69 x 24.92 cm


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