NEXUS AM30 systems are aesthetically superior, match
perfectly with your store interior and fulfill their task

The NEXUS AM30 is a combined AM based 58 kHz article
surveillance system, visitor counting and advertising system. It
offers maximum detection of hard tags and disposable tags in
challenging store environments.

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  • Anodized aluminum with transparent panels
  • Premium detection
  • CrossCONNECT enabled for remote service and management information
  • Smart Sensitivity Control
  • Remote maintenance
  • Selectable notifications for all alarm types
  • Alarm lights (bi-color)
  • Jammer detection
  • Aisle light-up during alarm (both antennas)
  • Advertising panels optional
  • Cross Point OSTRA F25 hard tag (Ø 25 mm) up to 1.20m
  • Cross Point OSTRA D55 hard tag (Ø 55 mm) up to 1.20m
  • Original DR label up to 0,90 m
  • Antenna width (mm) 302
  • Antenna height (mm) 1,516
  • Antenna depth (base / profile mm) 44 / 42
  • Mains (VAC) 110/220
  • Board power (VDC) 30
  • Programmable I/Os / Relays 2 / 1


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